Đèn cổng năng lượng mặt trời sử dụng GL3002

GL3002 solar gate light is a perfect combination of classic and modern. The design of the lamp has an ancient tendency to look like a tile-roofed house of the king but the features of the lamp are extremely intelligent and modern.

Original price was: 2.000.000 ₫.Current price is: 1.950.000 ₫.

Thanh toán ngay
Wattage 6V4.8W
Size Roof dimensions:  30 X 30 cm Dimensions Stand:  27 X 27 cmLamp height:  40 cm
Rechargeable batteries Lithium 3.7V / 6000mAH
Material Aluminum alloy
Gripe E27
Lighting time 10-12 hours
Charging time 6-8 hours
Light color White & Yellow
Longevity 50,000 hours
Standard IP65
Scope of application Gate posts, wall pillars, balconies

Structure, characteristics and applications of GL3002 solar gate light:

– Classic bronze brown color is chosen as the dominant color for this product line. This is a color that brings prominence, elegance and solemnity.

– The “roof” is arranged with 4 photovoltaic panels capable of converting sunlight into electricity with high efficiency.

– The light emitted from the lamp is moderate and extremely stable, so it is completely safe for users’ sight.

– Lamp frame is very solid and sturdy thanks to high-quality alloy. In addition, the manufacturer also subtly designs framed surfaces of the glass panels of plants, animals extremely eye-catching. Along with the metal frame, the glass is also installed very tight to help protect the electronic components inside the lamp from environmental agents in compliance with IP65 international standards for water, dust and abrasion protection. high fruit.

– Lamp stand has a large square design, easily securely fix the lamp with 4 screws at 4 corners.

– Before being launched to the market, the product is manufactured with a closed process and undergoes stringent quality control processes and has achieved international standards such as CE, ROHS, SAA, EMC, VLD. , IP65 … with good waterproofing, dustproof and wear resistance in all severe weather conditions.


– Lights are equipped with an intelligent opto-sensor, they can flexibly turn on / off the lights effectively when detecting dark or bright surroundings. This helps the lamp to optimize the use of electricity as well as operate effectively to help increase lamp life.

– Producing electricity for consumption is the most significant strength of this lamp. With the use of clean green energy from the sun, this deserves to be considered the smart device of the future.

– This GL3002 solar gate light model is suitable for installation for the main gate, fence wall, awning, balcony … both for lighting and decoration for your beloved home.


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